Brewing Rabble of Eastern Washington
Homebrew Recipe Calculator

Name of Beer Brew Date
Beer Style Rack 1
Yeast Rack 2
Starting Gravity Dry Hop
Final Gravity Keg/Bottle

 MaltExtract PotentialSRMPounds
  Gallons of Wort= Total Lbs of Grain=
  Maximum Gravity= Total Points=
  System Efficiency= % Beer Color (SRM)=
Target Gravity= Expected Gravity=

  Hop Type % aa Ounces Minutes UtilizationIBUs
        Total IBUs

  Quarts per LB Mash Water Mash Temp f
  Total Mash Water (Qts) Heat Mash Water to f
Total Mash Water (Gal) Minimum Sparge Water gals

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