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Big Brew 2012
Brewing Insane
We did it again. 70+ gallons of luscious Fremont IPA clonage coming your way.
See you next year.

On 5 May, in the heart of Stevens County's Tierra del Fuego (Nine Mile Falls), the Brewing Rabble will gather for Big Brew Day 2012.
We will attempt to answer the question: "How much beer can a brew club brew if a brew club could brew beer....without getting too blitzed first", or something like that.

Beer to brew: Fremont IPA Clone. See below for recipe.
The plan: Brewers bring what equipment you need to mash and collect the wort. We will do a common boil in Nick's 100 gal kettle.
Nick will have hot water available, but plan for the worts (get it?).
Mash-In at 8:00 AM so plan accordingly.
Fermenting to be done at Nick's in his fermenters.
The brewing should be finished around noon for our normal club meeting time.

Brewers are responsible for providing their own base malt. Everything else (specialty grains, hops, yeast) provided on site by the club.

Recipe for Big Brew Day

This recipe is for 5 gallons. Just double it if you are making 10 gallons.

Name Gallons
Nick & Jim P 20
Barry 10
Ferd 5
Jim & Jerry 10
Jack 10
Joel 5
Nick, F. 5
Pat 5
Total 70

  • Jim is Smoking a Pig for the potluck so bring a side dish.
  • Bring hoses
  • Specialty grains, Yeast, and Hops will be provided on site.
  • Primary Fermenting will be done at Nick's in his Fermenter
  • Grain Grinder available on site.

"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on."
-Dean Martin

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