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Present at the meeting were: Chip, Jack, Jerry, George, Randal, Ferdinand. Erika and Dianne also attended. Standing in for Dustin was a Winter Ale.
The meeting was held at Jack's house. The attending beers were a large assortment of seasonals brought by Ferdinand, including Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and Celebration Ale among several others. Dianne brought several samples of Ginger beer that Ferdinand brewed a couple years ago. And on tap were Jack's IPA and Winter Ale and another Winter Ale of Dustin's.
Dianne brought the ingredients for a mead to be made at the meeting's conclusion.

The Meeting was called to order at 10:20 with Chip Presiding.

Old Business:

1. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

New Business:

1. Jerry and Ferdinand were wearing the same shoes.

2.  Ferdinand has a new email address: "".

3.  Jerry motioned that the club donate funds towards the ingredients for 20 gallons of beer Ferdinand is brewing for the next meeting. The motion was seconded and approved.

4.  It was motioned that nominations for the coming year's club officers be the same as the current officers. The motion was approved. Nominations will still be accepted at the next meeting before we vote. Dustin's nomination as President is conditional upon his acceptance once he returns from his trip to New Zealand.

5.  The Next Meeting will be Saturday, Jan 13 at Ferdinand's  house. Start time is 11:30 AM. Ferdinand's birthday celebration to follow. Ferdinand took some time off from hazing students at WSU to brew 20 gallons of brew for the celebration.

The official meeting adjourned at 11:05 PM

Unofficial Business:

Diane brought the ingredients for a mead which we happily set about brewing immediately after the meeting adjourned. 5 gallons of honey and water  were boiled 15 minutes then chilled to 160F after which about a gallon of fresh huckleberries were added to the mix. The mix was held at 160F for about 10 minutes to allow the huckleberries to pasteurize. The whole thing was then chilled to about 75F, poured into two separate 5 gallon containers, and inoculated with a prepared dry yeast.
A report through Chip from the recesses of Ferdinand's basement after a week suggested that the fermenting mead was doing and well and smelling pleasantly of Huckleberry.

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