BREW Club Minutes for 7-22-2000

The meeting took place at Ferdinand's
Present at the meeting were:
Ferdinand, Dustin, Jack, Jerry, George.

Homebrews present were: Porter (Ferdinand), Pale Ale (George), IPA (Dustin)

The Meeting was called to order at 11:45

Hop Report: Dustin reported that the hop field was still thriving, but the water source was drying up.

Old Business:

1. It was moved to instantiate a process for the minutes and the newsletter, since neither got out in a timely process since the last meeting. 
Motion: The Minutes and the NewsLetter are to be separate. The Minutes are to be posted to the website and otherwise made available within 7 days of their notation. The Newsletter may or may not contain references to the Minutes. The motion was carried.

2. The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

3. Jerry bought in two quotes for Honey Bucket rental for the HoptoberFest. The low quote was $110. He will try to get a lower bid, but the club has authorized the distribution of funds at Jerry's discretion for the event.

New Business:

1. Ferdinand showed us his stitches where his breastbone was sewn up following his Valve-Replacement surgery. He also explained the dynamics of the surgery. Members noted he was consuming beer at the usual rate.

2. George donated glasses to the brew club. He bought them at the dollar store next to Kmart in Spokane for under a buck apiece. Thanks, George

3. We took a brief recess to further enjoy Ferdinand's tasty Porter and George's Pale Ale.

4. Dustin bought up the discussion of the club seeking "Non-Profit Organization" status. The main topics of debate were (1) Do we really want the government involved in our business? (2) What liabilities would we incur from accidents originating at any sponsored events? (3) What community service functions can the club become involved in as a result?
We decided we to pursue more information on the subject ( Jerry and Dustin ) and follow up at the next meeting.

5. Hoptoberfest 2000 will be held on 26 August.

6. NEXT MEETING: 1100 AM at the Hoptoberfest (George's place).

Unofficial Business:

1. There was lots of discussion about Lost Falls beer. Jerry indicated that perhaps the best place to have a pint was Café El Mundo because of the serving temperature among other things.

The official meeting adjourned at 12:36 PM