BREW Club Minutes for 8-26-2000    (amended 8-29-2000)

The Meeting was called to order at 11:30

Present at the meeting were:
Dustin, Jack, Jerry, George, Bryan, Chip, Randall, Gerald, and Ferdinand

The meeting was held at George’s during the Hoptoberfest. Numerous Beers were present including about 4 different Pale Ales (2 from George, 1 each from Dustin and Jack), Lost Falls Porter, and a 3 year old Mead from Gerald. The variety and quality of brew was enough to make the Hoptoberfest an instant success.

Old Business:

  1. The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.
  2. Guidelines for the dissemination of the Minutes and the Newsletter were discussed.
  3. The club proudly displayed the Honey Buckets donated to the Hoptoberfest activities.
  4. The issue of the club’s incorporation t as a Non-Profit organization was discussed.

New Business:

  1. The following was motioned and approved: The Minutes of each meeting will continue to be made available within a week after the close of each meeting. The President will be responsible for mailing hardcopy to any members lacking email or web page access.
    The Newsletter will be produced quarterly as a minimum. The Editor (currently Gerald) will have complete control over the content of the Newsletter and solicit input at each meeting or as required. The editor may issue more than the quarterly minimum if he desires.
  2. Gerald paid his club dues to the Treasurer. Let all in arrears pay attention.
  3. Randall bought the forms and information on how to incorporate the club as a non-profit organization. After some discussion the club voted to proceed with the incorporation since the cost was minimal ($30/1st year - $10 yearly renewal) and this would allow us to be prepared to sponsor an event should we so choose.
    It was further agreed that we would check on insuring our organization and this expense before actually sponsoring an event. Jerry is finding out this information for our next meeting.
  4. Dustin raised the issue of holding a club meeting at Café al Mundo. He will research the possibilities with the owner. The club will not smuggle in homebrew to any such planned meetings out of deference to the owner. Café al Mundo was selected since they sponsor the entire line of Lost Falls Ale and they have been particularly gracious to beer club members during routine visits to the establishment.
  5. Gerald informed the club about the Rossland Golden City Days 2000 Sep 8-10. There will be a beer competition on the 8th. Entries must be to Gerald by Sept. 8th @7:00pm. Judging is being done from 8am to 10am the next day. Gerald may be judging and another judge is needed. If you are interested contact Gerald. Evidently the public votes winning beers and you need to provide about a case of beer. Get in touch with Gerald for additional information. More information on the event can be gleaned at
  6. The 1st Saturday in May 2001 is National Homebrew Day. There will be a homebrew competition in Rossland. Gerald will be providing more information about this competition. There is plenty of lead-time for this event to prepare a lager.
  7. Sep 17 is the Pend Oreille Brewing Company Octoberfest with a homebrew competition. We will try to get more information on this event posted on the website.
  8. George announced he would be going to Canada in early October to purchase grain. If you want him to get you some have your order ready by next meeting. Call George for details, pricing, etc.
  9. NEXT MEETING: Sometime in the last week of September. Dustin will coordinate and disseminate the new time.

Unofficial Business:

The Hoptoberfest was great and provided a forum for the whole club to get together. Hats off to George.

The official meeting adjourned at 12:10 PM