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Present at the meeting were: Dustin, Jack, Jerry, George, Bryan, Chip, Randal, and Gerald. Brett was visiting from Canada.

The meeting was held at Café Al Mundo. We commenced the informal gathering at about 6:00. The drink of the hour seemed to be the Lost Falls Rye Beer. The café soon exhausted its stores of the same. There was plenty of LF Pale Ale, but when the club's call for porter indicated that the establishment was out of that as well, Randal immediately retrieved a keg from the Lost Falls Brewery and set it up with the café.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:10

Old Business:

1. Jerry brought information concerning the club's incorporation for Non-Profit Organization Status. Specifically, we addressed the adoption of a mission statement as such:

  • To provide a forum and an organized structure for the edification of brewers in the inland northwest area and to provide an outlet for each brewer to share his or her skills for the benefit of the brewing community.
  • To establish a newsletter or written correspondence, for the dissemination of information and the enlightenment of the public regarding the conscientious use of alcohol.
  • To actively promote the art and craft of homebrewing.

    The above points were voted on and approved for our mission statement.

    2. Gerald reported on Rossland Golden City Days. 6 beers were entered in that contest. Gerald tells us 4 were very poor and 2 were actually quite good.

    New Business:

    1. We discussed the club hopfield and attempted to develop a long-range plan to make it a worthwhile, fruitful, and continuing project. This year the hops were planted and got established which was pretty much our goal. Jerry bought up the point that beginning next year we can have a fine crop if we provide some attention. Specifically we addressed the following issues:

  • This year's weather bought out the fact that the hop location is NOT self-watering. Chip suggested a drip irrigation system. We resolved this to be a workable solution. Chip will figure out the specifics and it will be an early spring 2001 project for the club.
  • The poles will have to be replaced. Preferably with poles made of some durable material (metal). George has 2. If anyone else comes upon a source, let the Dustin know. We can stockpile them now for our spring project.

    2. Saturday, May 5, 2001 is National Homebrew Day. There will be a meeting at Gerald's (exact location to be determined) to coincide with the other planned festivities. Plenty of time to brew a lager. It will include a potluck.

    3. Saturday, Oct 7, 2000 is the Marcus Cider Fest. There will be a Beer Garden featuring Lost Falls Ales.

    4. Next Meeting is Saturday, November 18 at Jack's house. Start time is 10:00 AM. Pot Luck to follow. The club will brew a mead which Jack will graciously entertain for the next several years. We will also get a chance to sample a 10-month-old mead that Chip and Jack put together last winter.

    Unofficial Business:

    1. Jack and Dustin (with the timely aid of George) successfully brewed 35 gallons of beer in one day. The outcome was 4 different batches of pale ale made to a varying recipe. Lost Falls Yeast culture based on Wyeast 1056 was used for 20 gallons of the brew. A pictorial review will be available on the website within a week or so.

    The official meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

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