BREW Club Minutes for 02-23-2001 Northeast Washington BREW Club

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Present at the meeting were: Dustin, Jack, Jerry, Ken, and Randall, and Bryan. Kevin was at the meeting and we may get him to join up next time.
The meeting was held at Lost Falls Brewery. Thanks to Randall and Jerry. This was the first opportunity for some of the members to see the brewery.

The Meeting was called to order at about 7:05 pm with Dustin Presiding.

Pre-Meeting Business:

1. Dustin bought a sample of his latest homebrew which appeared to be going through a stuck fermentation ( ~1.032 SG). He added some dry yeast and commenced to have an active fermentation.

Old Business:

1. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

New Business:

1. The Club Treasurer reported $285.00 in the bank.
Currently paid up are:

Dues can be paid anytime to Jerry. Give him a call or look him up at the brewery.

2. Hop Field: Jack accepted the duty as Club-Hop Czar. He will develop a plan with Dustin to move the hop field along with a goal of garnering some hops from the coming year's batch.

3. The club decided to keep moving toward becoming a non-profit organization. Jack will submit the paperwork. After the club becomes incorporated the onus will be to develop imaginative goals and adjust to fundraising opportunities to increase the club knowledge base and further our mission to enlighten the community on all things home-brewing.

4. Next Meeting: Jerry voluntered to have the next meeting at his place. The meeting will be on Friday, 30 March at a tentative time of 6:00 PM.

5. Randall bought up the subject of keeping an educational focus at the meetings. One topic suggested was to invite a local attorney to a meeting to give a talk on legal rights and responsibilities. James Irwin has developed a rights card and may be a candidate for an invitation.

6. Jack will look into the possibility of adding a message board to the club website ( The intent is to have a place to ask brewing questions with a professor on vigilant duty.

The official meeting adjourned at about 8:10 PM

Unofficial Business:

FYI the club is a registered member of the AHA.

Ken bought a delicious hoppy porter and Jack bought a red ale to the meeting.

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