BREW Club Minutes for 03-23-2001 Northeast Washington BREW Club

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Present at the meeting were: Dustin, George, Jack, Jerry, Ken, Randall, Kevin, Ferdinand, Chip and a Uterus. 
The meeting was held at Jerry's garage. The kind ladies in attendance provided a well-appreciated assortment of appetizing fare to go with the attending beers.
The following Fermented beverages were present for the meeting: Lost Falls Porter, George's Pilsner and Bock, Jerry's Bock, Jack's Red Ale and American Pale Ale, and Ferdinand's Stout (which, to our collective pleasure, he did not give up on). Ferdinand also bought along a bottle of the club Huckleberry Mead which we brewed back on 18 Nov 2000. After a short 4 months it is already showing an ambrosial quality.

The Meeting was called to order at about 6:30 pm with Dustin Presiding.

Pre-Meeting Business:

1. Jerry and Ferdinand were not wearing the same style shoes for once.

Old Business:

1. The minutes of the last meeting were read. We forgot to approve them, but it's too late now so I guess they are approved or at least approved-like. So let's dispense with the ersatz-approved minutes and move on.

New Business:

1. The Club Treasurer reported $285.00 still in the bank.
Currently paid up are:

Dues can be paid anytime to Jerry. Give him a call or look him up at the brewery.

2. Hop Field: Once again usurping the majority of meeting time was the issue of the hop field. The mere mention of this leafy Garden of Eden inspires the members to many a profuse and obtuse observation. In the end the Prime Mover cut short the invective and returned us to rationality as we decided to essentially "see how it goes" and "see what we get" this year. George did mention he had 6 pole-type implements available which we can use to start replacing any rotting poles. Specifically he has 4 x 16' and 2 x 6' poles available. Hey Chip, let's make a run out there and get them.

3. The Co-op is marketing bread made from Lost Falls spent grains. You can pick up a loaf of bread and a bottle of porter all in the same place.

4. Non-Profit Status: As endearing a topic it seems as the hop field, we spent not a few minutes discussing this venture. A couple of substantive points were produced. 1) The official directors will be the present club members less Jerry and Randall. 2) The Marcus Cider Fest and the Rock Cut Blues Festival appear to be the evolving targets of opportunity for revenue generation. 3) We will incorporate as the "Northeast Washington Brewing Association". This project appears, like the mighty Spruce Goose, to be lifting leviathan-like off the ground.

5.  Technology Assessment : Uterus Shut-Off Valves. The application of the Uterus Shut-Off Valve (USOV) in the home brewing art were roundly discussed. Some suggested they could be an absolutely essential piece of home brew gadgetry. Ken proffered his doctoral thesis on the quantum mechanics of USOV flow rates and distribution patterns. His enraptured audience of dimly perceiving club members submitted to his skilled oratory whimpering only slightly as the implications of the USOV in the mass production of home brew was drilled into our numbed skulls (or drilled into the numbskulls, I can't remember which). We all agreed that it would be a much drearier world without the USOV although we could find no common ground on an appropriate diameter.

6.  We took a well deserved intermission at 7:05 and reconvened the meeting at 7:55. During the intermission the Uterus left in a huff only to be replaced by the Hop Nazi.

7.  Next Meeting: Spurred on by the voluminous supply of heady brew and the ostentatious escapades of the Hop Nazi the club a t last took up the task of setting a date for the next meeting. Initially the silly gathering discussed doing a "Super Brew" with the goal of topping the 35 gallons of output produced long ago in a galaxy far, far away... actually last fall on Jack's porch. Burp me. Bbbbuouourourouryauauhghhhhhhyfpfpfp!. Thank you. Back to business: Then someone remembered that back in September 2000 we had decided on a 5 May National Homebrew Day meeting at Gerald's or thereabouts in Rossland. (For proof look at the minutes for 28 Sep 2000). Dustin will check with Gerald to make sure that is still on, and we will finalize our next meeting plan by holding a sub-meeting on 14 April at the Cafe al Mundo at 6:00.

The official meeting adjourned at about 9:00 PM

Unofficial Business:

The Hop Nazi got a ride home with the Uterus which had been trying unsuccessfully for the last two hours of the meeting to unlock its car door. Something about the inadequacy of certain appendages was heard.

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