BREW Club Minutes for 09-27-2001 Northeast Washington BREW Club

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Present at the meeting were: Jack, Chip, Randall, Dustin, and Jerry. 
The meeting was held at Jack's place. Janet Prolo was present representing the BREW Club Lady's Auxiliary. She drank an auxiliary Rolling Rock. The Brew Club members had a savory stout from Chip and a couple of hoppy pale ale offerings from Jack.

The Meeting was called to order at about 6:15 pm.

Pre-Meeting Business:

1. General camaraderie and self-recrimination. Brew sampling.

Old Business:

1. Our last official meeting was way back on April 14 of this year. We have had several unofficial meetings since including the Club Trip to Portland and the Hoptoberfest.

New Business:

The meeting will be at Jack's at 1:00 pm on 20 Oct where we will brew a club ale using our own hops from the club hop field. Jack will have the majority of the brew complete and try to have the boil commence as near to 1 pm as possible.

2.  The treasurer pointed out that we had $50 left in the treasury.

3.  Jack will attempt to get legal assistance for the non-profit status stuff by offering a certified lawyer a lifetime club membership for free.

4.  Chip proposed offering a brewing class to raise revenue. After some discussion, the outlines of this project  ended up as follows:
    a. Have the class in February
    b. Advertise it in the local classifieds
    c. Admission $25 includes a year's club membership
    d. Class will be an All-Grain home brewer's affair

5.  Ferdinand is requesting a meeting in the Nov. 17-24 time frame.

6.  Lost Falls has an Imperial Stout on tap at the Brewery.

7.  George has a new motorized grain mill.

8.  Will there be another Hoptoberfest? Discuss at next meeting.

The official meeting adjourned at about 7:30 PM

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