BREW Club Minutes for 10-20-2001 Northeast Washington BREW Club

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Present at the meeting were: Dustin, Jack, Jerry, and George.
The meeting was held at Jack's place. During the morning Bryan stopped by. George and Jack brewed a couple of beers that morning, one being a beer made exclusively with Club Hops (Cluster, Cascade, Mt Hood, Willamette). Thanks to Lost Falls for a generous yeast slurry donation.

The Meeting was called to order at about 1:45 pm with Dustin Presiding.

Pre-Meeting Business:

1. Sampled a beer dry hopped with 1.5 oz of club Mt Hood. The club hops were very well received. 

Old Business:

1. The minutes of the last meeting were ignored and approved.

New Business:

1. Next meeting planned for 21 Nov, 6:00 PM at the Lost Falls Brewery with a planned migration to Cafe al Mundo for some post meeting business.

2. Jack will outline a plan to conduct a home brewing class in Feb 2002 as part of a revenue generating thingee.

3. Jerry put down each and every Mariner as they came to bat. Each Mariner in turn proceeded to spank the Yankees.

4. Air fair to Munich is still a bit steep ($1,200+). The airlines are not that desperate yet. Dustin provided intelligence on round trips Paris in the 3-400 buck range. The French, unfortunately, do not excel in making good beer. Will keep checking.

5. There is no number five.

6. That's about it. The meeting didn't adjourn; we just kind of relaxed our way out of it.

Unofficial Business:

George has a cool motorized Schmidling Mill now.

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