BREW Club Minutes for 11-21-2001 Northeast Washington BREW Club

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The meeting commenced promptly at 6:00 pm at the Brewery. Present at the meeting were Randall, Jerry, George, Kevin, Ferd, Jack, Chip, Bob, the Spider Woman, Ol' Man River, and the Hop Nazi. Representing the club Ladies Auxiliary was Sylvia. Secretary Jack presided over the meeting as the senior officer present at start time. 

Pre-Meeting Business:

1. General revelry and beer tasting. 

Business as Usual:

0. Treasurer's report: We now have $75.50 in the club treasury.

1. We rounded out our all-grain brew class idea and established the following parameters:
    a) Target date for a dress rehearsal is 9 Feb 2001
    b) Use a 5 gallon system
    c) Use the simplest system with an igloo mash tun.
    b) Bob's shop is available for the class.

Ferd has a system that is available. Jack will put together a plan and coordinate personnel and materials for the rehearsal. After a successful rehearsal we will target a date for presenting the class.

2. Jerry developed a discernable twitch as the club attempted to follow "Robert's Rules of Order" for conducting business. He was to be keenly watched throughout the proceedings.

3. Randall mentioned that Lost Falls Brewery and the North County Co-op will be co-sponsoring a Barley-Wine Festival in the late February early March time frame. The club will try to schedule its brew class to take best advantage of this event.

4. A motion was made to bind and gag The Hop Nazi. The motion was approved and the club Sergeant-At-Arms, dressed in his Masked Mexican Wrestler uniform, carried out the order.

5. The club voted to raise dues to $20.00 payable on or before the next meeting in January. As the motion was approved a cold wind could be heard blowing outside.

6. Jerry's nervous twitch developed into a near epileptic seizure as Jack continued to enforce a semblance of the above-mentioned Robert's Rules of Order. Club Historian, Randall, noticed that Jack was mistakenly following Buck Rogers's Rules of Galactic Fiend Thwarting. Once informed, Jack begged pardon, Jerry's seizure ceased, and a motion was made for a beer break. The motion was approved, the break was had, and the meeting continued.

7. The next meeting will be Saturday, 12 Jan 2002 at Ferd's. Time 11:00 AM. This is in conjunction with Ferd's birthday and The Brew Club's 5th anniversary. 

8. Elections will be held at the 12 Jan Meeting.

9. Ol' Man river burst into song as several Asian Hookers and a Nude Man showed up and asked directions to the nearest Quicki-Mart. As they departed into the cold night the Spider Woman pointed out some curious quill marks etched into the Nude Man's back. The Sergeant-At-Arms gave the Hop Nazi a swift kick to the mid section, and the club resumed its business.

10. We determined that the club needs a good Logo. Kevin volunteered to come up with something and will look into other Brew Ware type stuff.

11. The club adjourned at about 7:05 to West Side Pizza for some pitchers of Lost Falls Pale Ale, Pizza, and camaraderie. 

Unofficial Business:

Jack now  has a cool motorized Phil Mill.

Question: What was Ferdinand doing with a Quill pen in his pocket? 

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