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Present at the meeting were: Bryan, Jerry, Jack, Chip, Ken, Randal, and Dustin
The meeting was held at Cafe `al Mundo.

The Meeting was called to order at about 6:30 with Dustin Presiding.

 Dues Revue: Paid: Kevin, Jack, Jerry, Chip, Dustin, Ferd. Dues can be paid anytime to Jerry.

The Treasurer reports that we have $180 in the bank.

Old Business:

1.  The All-Grain Homebrew Class is set for 10:00 AM Saturday, 18 May 2002. The class will be held in the Park. Expected time to complete is about 2 hours.

New Business:

1. Hop Field detail will meet 8:30 am ,Sun, 21 April at Arbie's for breakfast, and then proceed to the hop field. UPDATE INSERT: The hop field detail went as planned. George showed up with his rot tiller which helped clear out the weeds slicker'n snott. We reinforced some failing poles, and reset the training lines. All goals were met. The hop field is ready to  go.

2.  The Next Meeting will be 4:00 pm, Saturday, May 18 at Jerry's. This will be after the class is complete.

3. Northern Lights is opening at the Old Bayou Brewery on 1 May. Several club members will be stopping by to report the events of NL's opening week in their new location.

4.  Ken is going to call  Gambrinus and check on a tour of the malting facility.

The official meeting adjourned at about 7:30 PM

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