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Present at the meeting were: Jack, Jerry, Chip, and Ferdinand.
The meeting was held at Ferdinand's house. Jerry bought his Pale Ale along, newly kegged. The keg was empty on the trip home.

The Meeting was called to order at about 12:20 with Chip Presiding.

Old Business:

1. The minutes of the last meeting were forgotten and ignored.

2. The club has about $100 in the treasury.

3. The Huckleberry Mead is fermenting in Ferd's cellar. We took some samples and it is doing well.

4. Ferd will not have to pay 2004 dues in return for some money owed him on the Seattle trip.

New Business:

1. Jerry reported that the club barrel is not usable for beer. After a year of trying to salvage it, we give up. We are looking for a smaller barrel. Something in the 20 - 30 gallon range.  Ferd volunteered to salvage the old barrel and fill it with some second presses from this years coming wine-making. So all is not in vain.

2. The next two meetings are set. Both at 6 pm on a Thursday. Aug 28th at Jerry's and 25 Sep at Jack's.

3.  Jack's brewing calculation spreadsheet is posted on the website

4. Topics for the next meeting will include Hop Field management. Dustin will try and dig up some information on a tour of a commercial hop field for the club.

5. We also voted a Sat 12 Oct meeting at George's. Everyone swore they would bring beer.

The official meeting adjourned at about 14:00 PM

Unofficial Business:

Played a ton of volley ball at Ferd's. Drained jerry's keg during this interlude.

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