BREW Club Minutes for 1-17-2004

The meeting took place at Ferdinand's
Present at the meeting were:
Ferdinand, Jack, Jerry, George. Chip was ill.

The Meeting was called to order at 11:45. Ferd presided in Chip's absence.

1. We began by toasting Ferdinand's birthday and the fact that he has decided to celebrate his birthday twice each year from now on.

2. Jerry (Treasurer) reported $100 in the club fund.

3. Dues paid for 2004: Ferd, Jerry, and George.

4. 1st topic was "The Barrel". What to do with it. We struck upon a plan to pay Chip $100 to fill it with beer.

5. We decided to research a trip to the Great American Beer festival in Denver this Fall and the Okanogan Fest of Ale in Penticton coming up in April. Also, we thought the club could profit from a little trip some time to some beer bars in Spokane (Viking, Blue Spark, The Elk, etc...)

6. We talked about another recruitment drive but came to no conclusions. However, Jerry offered to host a poker party at hi place on SuperBowl Eve with the hopes that some of the participants could be recruited.

7. We decided to structure our meetings a bit more and as a first step concluded that we should hold them on the first Friday of every month at 6 PM.

8. We elected the following officers: Ferd is the new President, Chip is the Vice President, Jerry and Jack remain Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

9. The meeting adjourned at 1245.