BREW Club Minutes for 11-6-2004

The meeting took place at Jack's

1. Present at the Meeting: Jerry, Ferd, Steve, Jack, Pat G., George, Barry, and Chip. There were too many excellent beers and meads to mention.

2. There is $247.50 in the Treasury.

3. Next Meeting is at Jerry's on 18 Dec, Sat, 1200, followed by potluck.

4. We all agreed that the trip to Missoula was well worth the effort. Thanks to Andrea and Steve for coordinating the event. Thanks to Andrea for driving. The Blackfoot River IPA was recognized as the best beer found, and the Rhinoceros Pub was the best beer bar.

5. We brewed a Cyser at this meeting: the recipe for 10 gals:
        2 gallons honey
        7 gallons fresh pressed cider
        4 tablespoons acid blend
        yeast energizer
        Wyeast dry mead yeast
        2 teaspoons Potassium metabisulfate

Combined the ingredients, pasteurized 10 minutes at 160F. cooled to 80F, added Potassium Metabisulfate; pitched yeast after 24 hours. Original gravity: 1.112  Now we wait.

6.  The club agreed to spend $22 on the honey and $53 for the cider.

7. We have tentatively scheduled a meeting on 15 January 2005 at Ferd's. we will finalize this plan at the Dec meetingg.

- Laundry Boy