BREW Club Minutes for 2-6-2004

The meeting took place at Cafe el Mundo
This was our first "1st Friday of the Month" meeting and after convincing everybody that we actually had agreed to this, we had our best turnout in awhile.

Present were: Ferdinand, Jack, Jerry, George, Chip, Right, Tim, and Clint.

The Meeting was called to order at about 6:17 pm. We enjoyed Chip's Porter and Rye beer.

1. Treasurer's report: About $180 in the Treasury.
Dues Paid: Ferd, Jerry, George, Jack, Right

2. Jerry will research and present information on the Great American Beer Festival at the next meeting. Jack will do the same regarding the Okanogan Fest of Ale.

3. Next Meeting will be on 5 March at Jerry's

4. Jack moved to officially rename the club "Brewing Rabble of Eastern Washington". Jerry seconded as this was originally his idea, and the proposal was unanimously accepted.

5. Jack offered to host a "Big Brew Day" in the middle of May at his place.

6. Ferd will have a Birthday celebration on July 10. This will not replace the Friday Meeting on July 2d.

7. Lost Falls walk-in hours are: 4-6 pm Wed and Thurs; 4-8 pm Fri.

8. The meeting adjourned at 7:02pm