BREW Club Minutes for 3-5-2004

The meeting took place at Jerry's Lounge

Present were: Jack, Jerry, George, Chip, Tim, and Pat. Tim and Pat became paid-up members at the meeting.

The Meeting was called to order at about 6:30 pm. We enjoyed Jerry's "Kolsch" ale made with WY1007 and plenty of Hop. Chip presided in Ferdinand's absence.

1. Treasurer's report: About $177.50 in the Treasury.
Dues Paid: Ferd, Jerry, George, Jack, Right, Tim, and Pat

2. We fixed Big Brew Day on Saturday, 1 May at Jack's.

3. The barrel issue reared its head again. We determined that Jerry would develop a recipe for it and we would all pitch in and brew it.

4. The Hop Field reared its ugly Hop Head again. Chip and Jack were commissioned to do a feasibility study of whether to keep them at the current location or move them to Jack's. Pat is going to look for some non-rotting poles.

5. The next meeting is 2 April at the Okanogan Fest of Ale. Plenty of information regarding reservations and such on the website.

6.  The meeting adjourned sometime.