BREW Club Minutes for 4-2-2004

The meeting took place at Check Point Lima (see Jack)

Present were: Ferd, Jack, Jerry, Chip, Tim, and Pat. We were joined by new members Steve, Barry, and Pat.

The Meeting was called to order at about 6:30 pm. We enjoyed Jerry's "Kolsch" ale made with WY1007 and plenty of Hop. Chip presided in Ferdinand's absence.

1. Treasurer's report: $217.00 in the Treasury.
Dues Paid: Ferd, Chip, Jerry, George, Jack, Right, Tim, Pat, Steve, and Barry.

2. Hop Field. Chip and Jack said they will do "something" with  the hopfield. The club is waiting breathlessly but beerfully to find out what.

3. PALE ALE competition will be at Ferd's summer birthday celebration on 10 July. Start brewing.
Style guidelines.

4. Big Brew is on 1 May. We are shooting to brew at least 50 gallons. Jack will post a plan soon. If you need any extra equipment, send an email to

5. We are going to explore the possibility of bringing in a local lawyer to give a talk on DWI and related issues.


6.  The meeting adjourned sometime.