BREW Club Minutes for 5-7-2004

The meeting took place at Cafe `al Mundo

1. Present at the Meeting: ferd, Chip, Pat F., Tim, Steve, Barry, Pat G., Feather, Jerry, and Jack.

2. Treasurer reports $277.00 in the kitty. The Kitty was not happy with the situation.

3. We decided to keep alive the idea of inviting a lawyer to come give us a talk. This idea has floated for about 3 or 4 years and may one day find its long expected death.

4. Hop Field activities are sh!t-canned for this year. We will let them run rampant and attempt to work on the field for next year.

5. There will be a $5 dollar entry fee for the Pale Ale competition on 10 July.

6. Big Brew day produced 45 gallons of brew.

7. The Keg Project, which has lingered only a little less than 2 years, has been sent to committee. The committee consists of Jerry, Jack, and Chip.

8. Next meeting will be at Lost Falls Brewery.

- Laundry Boy