BREW Club Minutes for 6-4-2004

The meeting took place at Lost Falls Brewery

1. Present at the Meeting: Jerry, Ferd, Chip, Steve, Tim, Pat F., Pat G., and Jack.

2. The Keg Committee has acknowledged its existence and reports that it will try to develop a plan.

3. Pat G. is the committee chairman (and the committee) for planning a brew club trip to Seattle and Points North. Tentative departure month is October.

4. The club will sponsor a pub crawal to Spokane on 26 & 27 June. Jerry and Ferd have been appointed consultants for the operation. A # 1 accomodations are in the bag.

5. Steve has been appointed Chief Researcher for a brew trip to Montana. No date has been established for this trip.

6. The July 2 Meeting is cancelled. July's meeting will be held Saturday, 10 July, 11:00 am, at Ferd's in conjunction with Ferd's 2d birthday party of the year. The Pale Ale competition will take place, followed by a Pot Luck, and Volley Ball.

- Laundry Boy