BREW Club Minutes for 9-11-2004

The meeting took place at Jerry's

1. Present at the Meeting: Jerry, Ferd, Jack, Jim, Pat G., George, Barry, and Chip. Jerry Brewed a Pale Ale just before the meeting and had a Scottish Ale on Tap. Barry had a bock, Ferdinand a wine, and we also broke out a botle of Huckleberry Mead from several years ago.

2. There is $317.50 in the Treasury.

3. Next Meeting is at Chip's on Saturday, 25 September at 1200. The meeting is in conjunction with his Birthday Party and Goat Roast. 17 miles out on Aladdin Road and turn left. Can't miss it.

4. There will be a Gambrinus run on 1 & 2 Oct. Participants are Chip, George, and Jim. Others are welcome. Final coordination at the next meeting. The Club voted to authorize $50 for gas. Get your orders (and money) in to Chip. Chip is the Coordinator. Order list and prices are here.

5. Club Mead day is on Saturday, 6 Nov, 1200 at Jack's. Meeting and Potluck to follow brewing. Bring recipes to the next meeting for consideration.

6. Chip will explore a proposal to move the location of the Hop Field to his Mom's house.

7. There will be a club trip to Missoula on 22 -24 Oct 2004. Participants so far are Jerry, Ferd, Pat G., George, Jack, and Jim. Information can be found here.

- Laundry Boy