BREW Club Minutes for 9-25-2004

The meeting took place at Chip's

1. Present at the Meeting: Jerry, Ferd, Jack, Pat G., George, and Chip. The meeting opened at 12:20 and ended at 1:10.

2. There is $317.50 in the Treasury.

3. Next Meeting is at Jack's, Sat Nov 6 at 1200. We will brew the annual Mead which will be a Cyser. Potluck to follow followed by quick trials and slow executions.

4. R.I.P. Gambrinus trip.

5. George and Jerry are the "Hop Field Moving Committee". They will report back on something sometime......maybe.

6. The Odessa Deutches Fest was held last week so no point in commenting about it.

7. The trip to Missoula is still on for 22 -24 Oct 2004. Participants so far are Steve, Andrea, Jerry, Ferd, George, Jack, and Jim.

8. Big Brew Day will be held again at jack's on the first Saturday in May. The format is set as such: everyone will brew a barley wine according to the same recipe with the goal of producing 50-60 gallons to fill up the Keg. Jerry has been appointed the "Barley Wine Recipe Coordinator"

- Laundry Boy