BREW Club Minutes for 11-19-2005

The meeting took place at Jack's and incorporated our annual Mead-Making thing.

Present: Barry, Ferd, Jerry, Jim, Bob, Steve, Chip, Jack, Pat, and George.

1. Treasurer's report: $302.50 in the treasury.

2. We brewed 10 gallons of Cherry Melomel. The recipe is on the recipe page. We also distributed last year's Cyser.

3. Memorial Day 2006 was re-confirmed as the BREW Club's next trip to Portland.

4. The next meeting is Saturday, Jan 7, 2006 at Ferd's place.  Potluck. Ferd's Birthday (kind of, although that is also kind of in July these days)

5. The meeting was pretty good with lots of mead and beer and good grub. See you at the next meeting. Oh yeah, I got volunteered for something else again but I already forgot it. Someone going to remind me please?

- Laundry Boy