BREW Club Minutes for 3-4-2005

The meeting took place at Lost Falls Brewery

Present: Ferd, Jerry, Barry, Chip, Jack, Tim, and Pat G.

1. Tim paid up on Dues. The following are now current:
Ferd, George, Jerry, Barry, Chip, Jack, Tim, and Pat G.

2. Treasurer Pat reports 297.50 in the club treasury.

3. Next Meeting is at Lost Falls Brewery on 1 Apr, Fri, 6 pm.

4. Spokane Saint Patrick's Day Pub Crawl is picking up steam. Members to rendezvous at "The Elk" at approximately 9:00 pm. Ferd is supplying lay-over accommodations (bring a sleeping bag).

5. Pat is zeroing in on the specifics for the BREW Club trip to Northwest Washington. Time frame now in June or July.

6. Jerry is preparing both all-grain and extract recipes for the Barley-Wine Big Brew Day. They should be posted by 11 Mar. Pick up your hops at the next brew club meeting. You need to get the grains. The club is providing the hops and yeast.

7. Ferd bought lots of interesting and good beer to the meeting. We sampled an "Imperial" Pale Ale and a Winter Ale both from Maritime Pacific Brewing in Seattle. Also tested were a Stout and an Imperial Pilsner from Rogue. There was also a Barley Wine from Hales Ales.
Pat bought along a couple of bottles of his own home-brewed Stout. The club enjoyed all the beer and had nary a bad word (or a sober) word to say about any of it.

8. The meeting was adjourned and they all lived happily ever after.

- Laundry Boy