BREW Club Minutes for 1-7-2006

The meeting took place at Ferd's.

Present: Steve, George, Pat, Jerry, Chip, Barry, Andrea, Rick, and Jack.

1. Treasurer's report: $302.50 in the treasury.

2. Ferd gets a dues waiver for buying the club honey at the last mead making.

3. We sampled the cherry mead the club made in November and it is good; ahead of its time.

4. There will be a New Year's party at Steve's next year.

5. We will rally at the McMenamin's Kennedy School in Portland at the club's Memorial day blast. Rick is reconnoitering next month. Here is the link
That is, unless we come up with a better idea. Rick will also attempt a daring reconnaissance mission at the Tug Boat, The New Old Lompoc, and the Horse Brass Pub. Good luck, son.

6. The Okanogan Fest of Ales is on the horizon. Dates are 7 & 8 April 2006. Mark your calendars.

7. Next Meeting, Saturday, 4 February at Jerry's Garage. Noon showtime and Pot Luck.

8. The default club meeting time is changed to noon on the first Saturday of the month. Venue to be determined at meeting time.

9. Club Elections were held. Here are the Officers for the coming year:

    President - Barry & Barry's Beer
    Vice President - Ferdinand
    Secretary - Andrea
    Treasurer - Pat

10, Dues are due. If you haven't paid find Pat and give him your moulaugh.

- Laundry Boy