BREW Club Minutes for18 Nov 2006

Brew Club Minutes                                                       Saturday, November 18, 2006

 Present:  Jerry, Jack, Ferd, Andrea, and Barry.

Meeting Commenced @ 3:00 pm

1. This was club Mead-Making day. The mead for this year was:

"Rosencrantz and Gildenstern's Lemon Zest Ginger Tea Rowanberry Metheglin"
12 Lbs Honey (Rainbow - mountain flower)
6 Lemons zested and juiced
6 Oz grated ginger root
1 Tablespoon strong black tea
3.25 Lbs crushed Rowanberries
2 packets Red Star Montrachet Wine Yeast
Water to 5 gallons

Heat water add honey; heat to 165 degrees
Simmer the lemon, ginger, and rowanberries for 15 minutes.
Pour lemon, ginger, and rowanberry concoction through a nylon bag into kettle. Catch the mashed up stuff in the bag and toss it in too.
Add the tea and let rest at 165 degrees for 15 minutes.
Chill to 78 degrees
sprinkle yeast on the must, cover and ferment

The stuff smells and tastes good. Let's see what a year does.

2. Treasures Report: Sorry, no treasurer at the meeting. Should be two or three hundred bucks in there.

3.  Old Business: Committment to a Brew Club trip to Germany in 2008 is strong (at least while we are drinking which is how the whole thing started anyway). We will flesh out the details one painful meeting at a time. Our resolve should be firm at least until about a month out.

4. The cherry melomel from last year is good. The consensus is that it still needs anothe couple years to mature.
For the record, here are the meads from November meetings past:
    2005: Cherry Melomel
    2004: Cyser
    2003: Orange Ginger Barkshack
    2002: Huckleberry

5. Jack gets $33 from the treasury to reimburse for the honey and miscellaneous ingredients.

6. The idea of a trip to Gambrinus before the end of the year was tossed around. Contact Barry if you are interested.

7. The acquisition of new members will now be done by referral only. Will will withdrawal our advertisement in the NC Monthly classified section. We wil only advertise publicly on specific occasions designated as membership drives if we vote to so hold one.

8. A bottle of mead each has been set aside for Pat, Chip, Jim, Bob, and George. See Jack to claim your mead.

9. There will be no December meeting. Steve is returning in mid-December so there may be an ad-hoc, pseudo-meeting in the works. Keep your ears open.

10. The next meeting is 6 Jan 2007 at Ferd's. Noon. Potluck. Porter competition. Porter competition style guidelines can be found at:


 The meeting adjourned and we ate until we stopped.