BREW Club Minutes for minutes 7 Jan 2007

Brew Club Minutes for 7 Jan 2007                                                                                   Saturday, Jan 7, 2007

The meeting took place at Ferds place.

 Present:  Ferd, Barry, Steve, Randy, Jerry, Jim, Jack, Tim, Pat, and Rick
    Don the sausage guy was there too along with many lovely ladies hanging on his ,err..., sausage?

 1. Treasures Report: $317.50 in the Bank. Tim paid his yearly dues pushing us over the $500 mark.
The treasure paid for flowers to Aidra, a good friend of the club, and reimbursed Jack for Honey from mead day, and Kelly for something else.
Dues Paid: Jerry, Steve, Jim, Jack, Barry, Rick, Ferd.

 2. Old Business:

 3. New Business:

 4. Next Meeting:  Saturday, Feb 3rd at Jim's. A noon Potluck.