BREW Club Minutes for minutes 4 Aug 2007

Brew Club Minutes for 4 Aug 2007                                                                                   Saturday, Aug 4, 2007

The meeting took place at Barry's. *

 Present:  Barry, Steve, Jim, Jack, Pat, Jerry and Ferd. *

1. Treasures Report: about $350 in the bank *

2.  Barry had a staggering 6 beers on tap. I lost my notes by days end. Fire me. *

 3. Next Meeting:  Noon, 8 Sep, Saturday, at Jim's. Potluck. Will dole out the club stout at this meeting so bring your kegs and/or carboys to get your share (of what's left). !


N.B. - meeting notes hazy; try again later. -l.b.

* = "I think"

! = "confirmed"