BREW Club Minutes for minutes 8 Sep 2007

Brew Club Minutes for 8 Sep 2007                                                                                   Saturday, Sep 8, 2007

The meeting took place at Jim's.

 Present:  This, That, and The Other

1. Treasures Report: got some money somewhere.

2.  OK, I don't really know what happened at the meeting because I was not there. However, Ferdinand took some notes in Puerto Rican shorthand and here they are:

"We authorized the purchase of a case of tasting glasses (maybe 48) from Steve for the club, and we determined the date for the next meeting, Oct 6 at Northern Ales with the usual potluck. Other members should contact you, but here's the gist of it: Rick is in charge of researching a road trip to Northern Lights, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint for October 20; Don is in charge of researching glasses to be made with logos of Lost Falls and Northern Ales and, sales of which would benefit the club."

 3. Next Meeting:  Noon, 6 Oct, Saturday, at Northern Ales. Potluck.