BREW Club Minutes

Brew Club Minutes for 6 Oct  2007                                                                                   Saturday, Oct 6, 2007

The meeting took place at Northern Ales.

 Present:  Barry, Steve, Bill, Pat, Joel, Don, Ferd, Jerry, Jim, Jack, and Parrish.

1. Treasures Report: $360.80 in the treasury.

2.  We continue to work on purchasing some pint beer glasses that can be sold at Lost Falls and Northern Ales to raise money and spread club awareness. It looks like the glasses can be purchased for $1-$2 apiece and retail for about $6. Ferd is pursuing the various aspects of the project including what to put on the glass and verifying with Lost Falls if they want to join in. To be continued.

3. Road Trip 20 Oct. Ferd is the point of contact. If all else fails, be at Northern Lights at noon on 20 Oct. The Laundry boy has contact information for Ferd if you forgot it already. The trip has a nebulous itinerary of sorts which includes tasting in Spokane to Coeur d'Alene to Sandpoint or something like that. Prepare for high adventure that stretches from the Pillars of Heaven to the cracked porcelain toilet of some sleazy dive bar. Don't miss out.

4. Jack is supposed to make some kind of discussion board for the web site and do something else I think.

5. Next Meeting:  Noon, 3 Nov, Saturday, at Jacks. Potluck. Making 10 gallons of mead. Distributing last year's mead. See you there.