BREW Club Minutes

Brew Club Minutes                                                                                  Saturday, Nov 3, 2007

The meeting took place at Jack's house for the annual mead making.

 Present:  Jack, Jim, Bill, Joel, Jerry, Randy, Pat, Ferd

******Mead Nov 2007:************

for 9 gallons
23 pounds Don's honey
6 cans lemonade (in lieu of citric acid)

steeped mixture at 160 degrees for 20 minutes. cooled and split into two 4.5 gallon carboys
carboy 1 pitched Redstar Cote des Blancs
carboy 2 pitched Lalvin K1-V1116

see you in a year.

1. Treasures Report: Forgot the treasurer's report but we should have around $360.80 in the treasury.

2.  We will go for etched glasses ordered by Steve/Northern Ales. Ferd is working out the details.

3. January 12 is the date for the January meeting at Ferd's. Winter Ale competition. Pot Luck. Volleyball in the snow.

4. December 1 meeting at Rick's. In the garage. Noon. Potluck. Members only.

5 . There were a couple of other disjointed items of business, but I forgot them.