BREW Club Minutes

Brew Club Minutes                                                                                  Saturday, 12 Jan, 2008

The meeting took place at Ferd's.

 Present:  Jack, Ferd, Barry, Rick, and Steve

1. Barry's Beer won the winter ale competition. Ferdinand came in 2d. Jack's dyed-in-the-wool winter ale, which was literally dyed with a dark blue woolish dye, came in 3rd.

2.  Since the Treasurer was absent, we re-elected him Treasurer and decided to pay dues at the next meeting (which we forgot to schedule).

3. We are still working on the logo.

4. Steve is going to see if he can get some tickets at the 2 Feb Cork 'n Keg festival in Cehewlah.

5. The Fest-O-Ale is on the 4th and 5th of April this year. Here is the  link:

6. Election Results:

    El Presidente:              Ferdinand
    El Vice-Presidente:     Jerry
    El Treasurente:             Pat
    El Secretario:                Jim
    El Kabong:                    Kweeks-Draw the cartoon horse
    El Alemain:                    Montgomery, FM, RA
    El Lectriciti:                    Rod Lightning
    El Ementari:                    Mydar Watson
    El Acriti:                           Speedy Gonzalez
    El Catraz                         C. Riminal   
    El Gibson                        Himself

7. Ferdinand will figure out the next meeting venue and I will get it posted.

 Hay una fiesta el sabado!

- L.B.