BREW Club Minutes

Brew Club Minutes                                                                                  Saturday, 2 Feb, 2008

The meeting took place at Jim's.

 Present:  Pat and Chris, Steve, Andrea, Baby Hedrick, Joel, jack, Jerry, Tim, and Jim.

1. Ferd opened and closed the meeting after a long sonorous session. Waiting for Secretary's notes for the usual filler.

2. Collected some dues...

UPDATE 3/7/2008: Notes from the Feb meeting tracked down. Here they is....

1. The minutes of the last meeting were read, laughed at, and seconded. Jack posed the question "What happens if we don't accept the minutes?". Silence. el Presidente proceeded to languish on the couch with the lame exceuse that he was ill. He called for beer to quench his illness. He had no visible boils and so was ignored.

2. Dues were paid by some (see above), extorted from the ashamed, and unabashedly robbed from the small and the silly.

3. Jim suggested we contact a local high school art class and set up a design contest for our logo. He was elected to do it but lost interest in hi own proposition. Joel proposed to talk to some guy named Brad about a logo.

4. The meeting degenerated into the usual babel. El Presidente did not move for a long time. Next meeting to be at Jerry's garage on 3/1/2008.

5. Penticton was briefly discussed and tabled until next meeting.


6. Big Brew Day discussed. Recipe will be Barley Wine.

7. Grain trip discussed for March. No movement on this issue other than a rather odious large one originating in the bowels.

8. Jerry elected Sergeant at Arms. nobody knows why. Uniform to be that of a bell hop from the Davenport circa 1920. (noby knows why)




9. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM. El Presidente buried in yard with a bottle of porter at his feet and a bucket of whiskey at his head.

- the Scribe (paraphrasing by L.B.)