BREW Club Minutes

Brew Club Minutes                                                                                  Saturday, 1 Mar, 2008

The meeting took place at Jerry's Garage.

 Present:  Jim, Jerry, George, "Socrates Jack", Patrick, Joel, Barry, RRRick, and newcomer Vince. Vince was introduced and well received along with his homemade pepperoni treats.

El Presidente was absent. Some offered why, none of the reasons were belived because some of us buried him at the clubhouse last meeting.

1. The meeting was opened by the Vice-Pres and Sergeant at Arms, Jerry. He took charge like the Light Brigade attacking a Super 1 meat sale.

2. Penticton was discussed but the conversion digressed to Ipods. Quickly squelched.

3. Big Brew Day brought up. Irwin whined that he had to attend a wedding of a Ferry Co. prosecutor friend that he has to work with day to day on the that weekend. His presentation was so pathetic that the members agreed to change the day just to stifle his tears. The cat moved wearily out of its bed, and Jim curled up in its place, enjoying the lingering warmth of its bedding, sighing and purring contentedly, eyes closed, pavlovically puffing his cigar.
    Big Brew Day will be May 10th at Jack's. (Send hate mail to Irwin.)

4. No one asked for the minutes of the 2-2-08 meeting to be read, so they were'nt. Nobody noticed and hence Socrates question remains unanswered.

New Business

5. Our discussion of the Barley Wine project digressed to admonitions against using chlorine to cleanse.

6.Joel showed the group six designs worked up by Brad the Artist for the club's logo. Each design was a work of art and marveled at by the goup. captain Marvel even showed up to marvel at them. The design with the guy who looked like a cross between Charlie Chaplin and W.C. Fields was the group's favorite and acclaimed as the club's logo. So our message to the world is a pictoral representation of an uncouth neer-do-well slowly and happily sliding into inebrriation. You captured the essence perfectly, Brad. Huzzah. A BIG THANKS TO BRAD. His designs all could have won an award.

7. We next talked about using another of the designs for a logo on our glasses. But that would make it hard to see especially during low-light level conditions. ......Oh, thoossse glasses. .....But Irwin demonstrated  how the chosen logo would look better and sell better. He then played with a ball of string, chased some mice,  and followed a ball that had a little bell in it under the table.
The Sergeant-at-Arms/Host/Vice-President had isues with thedecision but the chosen logo won out.

8. Next meeting: 4-12-08 at the Club House (Jim's). Noon, Potluck, the usual nonsense.

- The Scribe (paraphrasing by the Laundry Boy)

P.S. one of the members complained about cigars being smoked in a "GARAGE"! Wait until next meeting, mister. -T.S.