BREW Club Minutes for minutes 8 Jan 2011

Brew Club Minutes for 8 Jan 2011                                                                                   Saturday, Jan 8, 2010

The meeting took place at Ferd's place.

 Present:  Ferd, Jerry, Jim, Jack, and Pat.

Theme for this meeting: "Have a Porter from Porter Rico" 

Special Report: The Stout Contest:
There were 2 entries in the stout contest, Ferd and Jerry. It was close but Ferd won the day.

1. Treasures Report: $253.65 in the Bank.

 2. Old Business:

 3. New Business:

Election Session: Officers for 2011 were elected as follows:

President:                        Joel  (congratulations; you still owe the club $20)
Vice President:               Jim
Secretary:                        Jack
Treasurer:                        Pat
Sgt @ Arms:                    Bill B.
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sensitivity Counselor:     To Be Determined