BREW Club Minutes for minutes 14 May 2011

Brew Club Minutes for 14 May 2011                                                                             

The meeting took place at the Jack's and we did a Big Brew Day and Yard Sale.
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The meeting commenced at about 1:30 and lasted for about 20 minutes.

1. The Treasurer was absent so we skipped the report except to say that there was a positive balance in the treasury. Jim P. paid his dues ($20) and the Brew Club took in about $75 at the Yard Sale.

2. We dispensed with the reading of the last minutes.

3. Present at the meeting were: Tim, Bill, Lech, Ferd, Craig, Don, Jack, Joe, Barry, Nick, Ken, Jim P., The Leprechaun, Ken, Joel, and Jerry.

4. The next meeting will be on 4 June at Nick's. The July meeting will be on the second Saturday in July (the 9th) to avoid conflicts with the July 4 weekend and will be at Pat's.

5. Jerry went into a long song and dance with the basically solid core idea of having a Dick Garvey Commemorative Sculler's IPA Clone Competition in September; not least because Dick was responsible for turning the club on to that particular ale. So that seed is planted and we will have to work out the details in the coming meetings.

6. Nick is President of the Seattle Chapter of the Beer Collectibles Club (or something like that) and invited the club to their next event at the Spokane Valley Mall. The meeting takes place on the 20th of Aug. Check back here for the amended details.

7. Somebody mentioned a grain run and the usual bedlam ensued. Here is what was requested, so if it shows up at your doorstep, pony up the tab.

I imagine that these orders are in effect until either the next meeting or the grain run takes place.

That is it.

Election Session: Officers for 2011 were elected as follows:

President:                        Joel
Vice President:               Jim
Secretary:                        Jack
Treasurer:                        Pat
Sgt @ Arms:                    Bill B.
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sensitivity Counselor:     To Be Determined