BREW Club Minutes for minutes 4 June 2011

Brew Club Minutes for 4 June 2011                                                                             

The meeting took place at the Nick's. All hail his 100 gallon brewpot.

The meeting commenced at about 2:20.

1. Treasurer's report: $472.25 in the treasury.

2. Minutes of last meeting were read and forgotten.

3. Present at the meeting were: Nick, Jim P., Joel, Joe, Pat, Jerry, Jack, and the Leprachaun.

4. The next meeting will be on 9 July at Pat's The meeting has shifted to the second Saturday in July (the 9th) to avoid conflicts with the July 4 weekend.

5. Jerry and Jim are to go on a grain run by month's end. Get with them on any order you wish to submit or update. Here is the current list of requested grain:

6. Joe paid his $20 and is welcomed as a new member to the club.

7. There was another discussion about the Dick Garvey competition later this year. We are slowly making our way to a consensus. Hang in there.

That is it.

Election Session: Officers for 2011 were elected as follows:

President:                        Joel
Vice President:               Jim
Secretary:                        Jack
Treasurer:                        Pat
Sgt @ Arms:                    Bill B.
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sensitivity Counselor:     To Be Determined