BREW Club Minutes for minutes 6 August 2011

Brew Club Minutes for 6 August 2011                                                                             

The meeting took place at the Barry's. Start time was about 12:43 PM

1. Treasurer's report: $498.26 in the treasury.

2. Minutes of last meeting were read.

3. Present at the meeting were: Lots of people.

4. Jim motioned to raise the price of the Chrystal malt to $1.50 per pound. It is measured into 4 LB bags so the price is $6.00 per bag, or, if using Obama-Math, $7,000,000,000,000.00 per bag. The motion passed with two dissenting votes.

5. The treasurer paid $50 to Jim for standard grain-run stipend and $28 to Jack for a grain debt owed.

6.  Jack paid the IPA competition fee of $7.27 and gave an endowment of $0.73 cents to the club.

7. Even though we had determined the issue last month, some malefactors sought to muddle the issue of beer style for the IPA competition. But Pat was at the ready with a copy of the BJCP Style Guidelines. here they are:

  • American IPA
    1.056 - 1.075 1.010 - 1.018 40 - 60+ 6 - 15 5.5 - 7.5%

    Read the full description here:
    Following an anemic protest from the malcontents we voted to accept these guidelines for the competition.....Again!

8. Nick's Beer Paraphernalia Show will be held 20 August at the Oxford Suites Hotel across from the Spokane Valley Mall. The show is from 8-2 and afterward all are invited to Nick's for a barbecue.

9. Nick said his hops will be ready the last week in August / 1st week of September. Check with Nick if you want to get some.

10. Jim motioned for future meetings to start promptly at 12:15 PM. All approved except the Hop Nazi. i don't know why

11. The club also affirmed that the next meeting would be on 3 September at Pat's. It shall not be on the 10th, neither shall it be on any other date. The meeting that has for many months been set for the September the 3rd, thus remaineth to be conducted on the 3rd of the same date. I am sure that on the 3rd, at the meeting, thus duly assigned for many a month, with no vacillation, firmly ensconced on the calendar, with no doubt whatsoever, may be challenged again.

12. Jim has been commissioned to explore a Sand Point trip for the brew club.

14. The meeting adjourned at 13:16 Pm

That is it.

Election Session: Officers for 2011 were elected as follows:

President:                        Joel
Vice President:               Jim
Secretary:                        Jack
Treasurer:                        Pat
Sgt @ Arms:                    Bill B.
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sensitivity Counselor:     To Be Determined