BREW Club Minutes for minutes 3 Decemberr 2011

Brew Club Minutes for 3 December 2011                                                                             

The meeting took place at Ferd's


Attending the meeting were: Ferd.......

Aahhh....Anyway, .... everyone got along well and there was no rowdy behavior, except maybe from Ferd.

The Treasurer did not render a report.

The Secretary did not take any minutes.

There was no discussion of Old Business.

There was no discussion of New Business.

The next meeting will be on 7 Jan 2012 at Jim's Club House. We expect Jim will be there. We think that there will be elections for new officers.

These minutes are a bit speculative in nature.

Election Session: Officers for 2011 were elected as follows:

President:                        Joel
Vice President:               Jim
Secretary:                        Jack
Treasurer:                        Pat
Sgt @ Arms:                    Bill B.
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sensitivity Counselor:     To Be Determined