BREW Club Minutes for minutes 12 February 2012

Brew Club Minutes for 12 February 2012                                                                             

The meeting took place at The Republic Brewing Company.

Meeting called to order at 12:49 PM

Attending the meeting were: Many, Many, Members and Friends. Several actually paid attention to the meeting.

1. Treasurer's report: $600.25 in the bank

2. Jim and Jack will research a wine tour for late April / early May in the Penticton area. We have decided to forgo the
     Fest of Ales this year to try something a bit different.

3. Pat reminded us that he has been authorized to purchase a lot of grain from the distribution outlet in Spokane and deliver it to the club.
    Looks like we have a butt-load coming so stand by. Pat will let us know the cost when he gets the price.

4. Next meeting 3 March, Noon, Potluck at Jim's Clubhouse.

5. The club did vote to allow Jim to negotiate any outstanding fees pertaining to the bus trip from the treasury. The trip was a huge success. We    had close to 30 people take the bus. Yeah!


President :                     Joel       (re-elected in absentia during a bathroom break)
Vice President:             Sylvia
Treasurer:                       Pat
Secretary:                      Jack
Sensitivity Counselor:    Nick
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sergeant at Arms:        Jim (non-leprechaun Jim)
Bathroom Attendant:    Bill