BREW Club Minutes for minutes 7 April 2012

Brew Club Minutes for 7 April 2012                                                                             

The meeting took place at the Club House.

Attending the meeting were: Packed house. You count 'em.

1. Treasurer's report: $558.25 in the treasury.

2. 11 Bags of grain were available. First come first serve. $34 per bag with a coupon for a free beer at Northern Ales. Pat dispersed some
      and still has some available.

3. WIne Trip Committee report: recommended the last weekend in April. Depart Friday. Overnight in Kelowna. Spend Saturday
     night at the Ridge in Osoyoos. Plan met with a big yawn.

4. Jim and Jack appointed to research meeting at Laughing Dog (Sand Point) on July 7th.

5. The rest of the meeting concerned plans for Big Brew Day on 5 May at Nick's. Nick brought a couple of recipes and the club
     chose to do a Fremont IPA clone. Jim (P) will be smoking a pig for the Potluck so bring a side dish for the potluck following the brew. Brewers
    show up in time to start your mash at 8:00 AM. Non-Brewers can show at the regular noon hour.
    For all the details go here.


Paid Members for 2012

Jim I.
Pat G.
Nick F.
John G.
Jim P.


President :                     Joel       (re-elected in absentia during a bathroom break)
Vice President:             Sylvia
Treasurer:                       Pat
Secretary:                      Jack
Sensitivity Counselor:    Nick
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sergeant at Arms:        Jim (non-leprechaun Jim)
Bathroom Attendant:    Bill