BREW Club Minutes for minutes 14 July 2012

Brew Club Minutes for 7 July 2012                                                                             

The meeting took place at Ferd's House

Attending: Sylvia, Jack, Craig, Pat, Bill, Ferd, Barry, and Jim

Sylvia acting president in Joel's absence.

Minutes of the last meeting read by the Leprechaun.

Treasurer's report: $411.25 in the bank. 1 bag of grain available with a Northern Ales free beer coupon for $34.00.

1. Wine tour Report: Looks like October now. Plan is to coincide with the Okanagan fall Wine Festival running from 28 Sep to 7 Oct for 2012. Bill will check with Crazy Beaver Winery about some specifics.

2. Possible Sand Point trip in November. Tour new facility of Laughing Dog, try to make their cask Friday deal. Ferd to investigate.

3. Presidential Decree: Any beer related / logoed apparel qualifies to be worn without a fine.

4. Pat read the Prospectus for the Dick Garvey IPA competition. Read it yourself here

5. Next meeting 4 August at Craig's place near the border. To incorporate a float on the Kettle River.  Start time 1030.  Bring your own float tube. Barbecue follows the float. Potluck.
Location:     First Thought Loop Rd, Laurier,  WA.
                    6 miles past Orient.
                    2 miles past railroad tracks
                    Mailbox and dirt road to the right.
More details to follow.

6. That's it!

Paid Members for 2012

Jim I.
Pat G.
Nick F.
John G.
Jim P.


President :                     Joel       (re-elected in absentia during a bathroom break)
Vice President:             Sylvia
Treasurer:                       Pat
Secretary:                      Jack
Sensitivity Counselor:    Nick
Hop Nazi:                        Jerry
Sergeant at Arms:        Jim (non-leprechaun Jim)
Bathroom Attendant:    Bill
Sparge Bastard:            Dave