BREW Club Minutes

Brew Club Minutes for 1 Jan  2013                                                                             

The meeting took place at the The Club House

Attending: lots of people

1. $148.01 in the Treasury. $350.00 Grain Assets on hand

2. Grain situation.
crystal and munich $1 / Lb. Pick up at Jim's. Pay Pat at the next meeting.
$30 a bag for the pale and esb malt.

2. Next meeting is at the Jerry's on 2 Feb.

3. The club resolved to have meetings at Northern Ales whenever we pick up a grain order from them.
The mosh-pit is available.

4. More Cow Bell

5. Jack talked about the Brew-In-A-Bag all grain brewing technique.

6. The club voted to give Shorie Beatty $60 to brew a 19 gal batch of "snotty-bitch" ale.

7. 2013 dues were collected.

8. New rule: To avoid the $1 fine the beer apparel worn must display a BREW Club logo.

9. Elections were held at some point in the meeting. The results are below.

Paid Members for 2013

Jim, P.
Pat G.
Nick F.
John, G.
Jim, I (leprechaun)
Bill, B.
Nick J.


President :                     Joel       (re-elected again in absentia during a spontaneous beer break)
Vice President:             Jerry
Treasurer:                       Pat
Secretary:                      Jack
Sensitivity Counselor:    Sylvia
Hop Nazi:                        Nick J.
Sergeant at Arms:        Nick F.
Bathroom Attendant:    Bill
Sparge Bastard:            Barry
Grain Keeper:                Jim I.