Brew Club Minutes for 31 August  2013                                                                             

The meeting took place at Pat's for The Dick Garvey Annual Competition


1. Competition Report: The Dick Garvey IPA Competition was successfully held and completed. There were 6 fine entries. The results were:
    1st Place: Nick Johnson
    2nd Place: Barry
    3rd Place: Pat

2. Treasurer's Report: same as last time.

3. Grain Report: Joel picked up the grain form Northern Ales. Many members picked some up at the meeting. There are 7 bags of Pale Malt left now residing at the Club House plus a bag of Crystal 60L and a Bag of Munich. The Pale Malt is available for $40 per bag. The Crystal and Munich is $1.00 per Pound.Contact Jim or LB for distribution.

4.Secretary's Report: Minutes read (kind of) and approved (kind of).

5. Inferno Report: RRR showed up, and, as usual, promptly started channelling the spirit of Karl Marx. "How are things in Hell, Karl?" Not so good, we hear. The Almighty has imposed a craft-beer ban on Hades in just retribution for Satan's Global Warming hoax. Karl said there was one pub left on the 7th level that features Michelle Obama's organic cauliflower juice on tap. Now that's Hell!  Drink up while you can if you are on-board that choo-choo, eternity is a mighty smart piece of time.

6. El Borba Report: Nuggies hurt.

7. Beer Break

8. Another Beer Break

9. Pale Ale Competition Report. The Pale Ale competition is moved to the November Meeting. The October Meeting will be at Jim's. Coordination with Northern Ales to follow. The specific style will be an American Pale Ale (

10. Bus Trip Report: Jim is checking on a Bus Trip possibility to Republic Brewery for Oktoberfest festivities. More to follow.

11. End of Meeting Report: The Meeting ended.


Paid Members for 2013

Jim, P.
Pat G.
Chris G.
Nick F.
John, G.
Jim, I (leprechaun)
Bill, B.
Nick J.
Bill & Theresa
John & Karen


President :                     Joel       (re-elected again in absentia during a spontaneous beer break)
Vice President:             Jerry
Treasurer:                       Pat
Secretary:                      Jack
Sensitivity Counselor:    Sylvia
Hop Nazi:                        Nick J.
Sergeant at Arms:        Nick F.
Bathroom Attendant:    Bill
Sparge Bastard:            Barry
Grain Keeper:                Jim I.