Brew Club Minutes for 1 February 2014                                                                             

The meeting took place at Jack and Sylvia's


1. Minutes of Last meeting: Read and approved.

2. Treasurer's Report: $806.51 in the treasury. Plus about $200+ in dues paid at this meeting. So we have about $1000.

3. Grain Report: The Grain Run to Gambrinus has been rescheduled for the 21st of February. Jerry and Merge are the contacts for this event.
Members cost per bag expected to be about $30. The following orders are in:
    Name  Bags
    Jerry    4
    Nick    10
    Craig    2
    Barry    10
    George   2
    Pat        2
The run will pick up about 35 bags. If you don't have your dibs in, you have to fight for it. Get a hold of the boyz if you want a special order.

4. Grain on Hand: Jim still has a bag of Pale and lots of 60L and Munich.

5. Ferd announced that Roslyn Beer Company is or will open in Rosyln at Main & Washington. Sketchy on what's offered.
    Ferd also announced that our friend and former club member, Gary, passed away. We will miss him.

6. Nick will update the IPA trophy with the names of previous winners.

7. Cork and Keg Fest 8 Feb in Chewelah and Fest of Ales coming up first week in April.

8. Next meeting at Joel's place. Thanks Joel. Show up next time.

That's it. See you at Joel's.

Paid Members 2014:
Craig McCarty
Joel Shank
Nick Force
Jim Irwin
Dave Shaw
Pat & Chris Garvey
Larry Harvey
Bill Beatty
Ferd Velez
Barry Madison
Jerry Prolo
Pat Irwin
Nick J.

Elections 2014:
President, Sylvia Elisabeth (Smith)
Vice President, Craig McCarty
Secretary, Jack Smith
Treasurer, Pat Garvey
Sensitivity Counselor, Nick Force
Bathroom Attendant, Nick Johnson
Sergeant at Arms, Larry Harvey
Sparge Bastard, Jim Pitts
Hop Nazi, Jerry Prolo
Minority Ombudsman, Ferdinand Velez