Brew Club Minutes for 1 March 2014

The meeting took place at the Club House

1. Minutes of Last meeting: Read and approved.

2. Treasurer's Report: $1046.51 in the treasury. Plus about $200+ in dues paid at this meeting. So we have about $1000.

3. Nick has updated the trophy plate with little screws or something like that.

4. The Grain Run did not happen.

5. Fest of Ales will preempt fthe next standard meeting date because all the cool people are going. So the next meeting will be on the 2d Saturday in April at Nock Force's place.

6. Big Brew Day will be at Jerry's. We will probably make Nick's IPA from the last competition.

7. The 3rd Saturday in May the club will do a Beer Tour of Spokane. The club will attempt to get a bus paid for by the club.

8. Mike Swim joined the Brewing Rabble.

That's it. See you at Nick's.

Paid Members 2014:
Mike Swim
Craig McCarty
Joel Shank
Nick Force
Jim Irwin
Dave Shaw
Pat & Chris Garvey
Larry Harvey
Bill Beatty
Ferd Velez
Barry Madison
Jerry Prolo
Pat Irwin
Nick J.

Elections 2014:
President, Sylvia Elisabeth (Smith)
Vice President, Craig McCarty
Secretary, Jack Smith
Treasurer, Pat Garvey
Sensitivity Counselor, Nick Force
Bathroom Attendant, Nick Johnson
Sergeant at Arms, Larry Harvey
Sparge Bastard, Jim Pitts
Hop Nazi, Jerry Prolo
Minority Ombudsman, Ferdinand Velez