Brew Club Minutes for 07 June 2014

The meeting took place at Jack and Marge Shorter's.

1. Treasury: $483.51. Joel has been reimbirsed for the grain. There are 15 bags of pale, 1 ESB, 1 x Pilsner, and a bag of 60L at Jim's. The 60L is $1 per pound. Everything else is $25 per bag.

2. New members received: Jack Shorter and Josie Darst.

3. We tasted the first bit of the Bg Brew Day Beer from Ferd and it was considered a dead-on Lucille clone. Here is the recipe again:

Lucille Clone by Nick
13.5 lb 2-row
.5 lb carapils
.5 lb 60L
1 oz Columbus 60min
.5 oz Centennial 30 min
1 oz Amarillo 15 min
1 oz Cascade 5 min

DRY HOP 10 days
3 oz Columbus
2 oz Simcoe
2 oz Centennial

Yeast WLP 005
OG @1.066 at 68% efficiency 
FG 1.012

4. Bus Trip. Spokane Brewery tour for June 14th. Nick Johnson will organize the tour.
the bus will leave the college parking lot in Colville at 10:00 AM with the first stop and last stop at Waddels Brewpub.
Return time to Colville is planned to be 9 PM.
Non-Brew club members will be charged $20 per person.

5. The July Meeting (July 5th) will be at Merge and Theresa's. The August meeting (Aug 2nd) will be at Ferd's.

Paid Members 2014:
Mike Swim
Craig McCarty
Joel Shank
Nick Force
Jim Irwin
Dave Shaw
Pat & Chris Garvey
Larry Harvey
Bill Beatty
Ferd Velez
Barry Madison
Jerry Prolo
Pat Irwin
Nick J.
Jack Shorter
Josie Darst

Officers 2014:
President, Sylvia Elisabeth (Smith)
Vice President, Craig McCarty
Secretary, Jack Smith
Treasurer, Pat Garvey
Sensitivity Counselor, Nick Force
Bathroom Attendant, Nick Johnson
Sergeant at Arms, Larry Harvey
Sparge Bastard, Jim Pitts
Hop Nazi, Jerry Prolo
Minority Ombudsman, Ferdinand Velez