3 Jan 2015

Meeting brought to order by VP Craig
Sec Jack was not present and no minutes were given.
Treasurer’s report $300.41.

Dues are due, members that paid at or prior to the meeting:
Pat Garvey
Craig McCarty
Nick Johnson
Nick Force
Joel Shank
Jim Irwin
Ferd Velez
Berry Madison
Tim Floener

Old Business:
There was a discussion about fines for not wearing the club shirt to club sanctioned events. It was redecided that we would not have fines.
New business:
Nick Johnson talked about the bru’n water site for adjusting brewing water.
The roster was passed around for updates and additions.
Pat suggested everyone track how much beer each member brews this year
Jim Irwin mentioned a new distillery in town on Main Street below Webster’s Law Office.
There was a discussion about how to raise funds for the club. Nick Johnson and Joel Shank were elected to a revenue committee to look at various options.

Next meeting is at the club house on 7 Feb

Elections were held with multiple nominations for most offices. 2015 officers are:
President-Jerry Prolo  
VP - Bill, Jim, and Jack (or was it Moe, Larry, and Curly?)
Secretary: Nick Johnson
Treasurer: Pat Garvey
Sgt At Arms:
Restroom Attendant: Sylvia
Sparge Bastard: Tim Floener  
Hop Nazi: Berry Madison
Sensitivity Counselor: Craig McCarty
Minority Ombudsman: Bill Beatty 

Meeting was adjourned at 1:20