Brewing Rabble Meeting Minutes	3 Feb 2018

At The Club House

The minutes were almost read and accepted.

Treasure’s Report: $683.00
Next Meeting Sat 3 Feb at the Clubhouse, Potluck, etc...

Old Business:

1. None

New Business:

1. Next meeting set: Sat 3 March at Randy's in Kettle Falls.

2. The Hop Nazi sent around a list for homegrown hops. The idea is to fill it out
	and have it available so you can bum hops from somebody who has the particular type
	you want, and to see what is available for big brew day.

3. Big Brew Day confirmed for first Saturday in June.

4. Nick F. has some stuff from the old Kitchen Corner that will find its way to George's.

5. Meeting adjorned.

Meeting adjourned and Elections called:

ELECTIONS Results For 2018:
President: Nick J.
Vice President: Barry
Treasurer: Joel
Secretary: Jack
Bathroom Attendant: Jim P.
Sergeant at Arms: Jim I.
Hop Nazi: Randy
Sensitivity Counselor: Jerry
Minority Ombudsgirl: Crystal
Sparg Bastard: Craig
Wort Baby: Open > designated for the next dues paying member.

DUES Collected for 2018:

Jim P.
Jim I.