Brewing Rabble Meeting Minutes	3 Mar 2018

At Randy's house in Kettle Falls

The minutes were almost read and accepted.

Treasure’s Report: $683.00   (+ new member dues $25 = $708.00)
Next Meeting Sat 7 Apr at the Clubhouse, Potluck, etc...

Old Business:

1. Nick F. has to yet take surplus homebrew items to George's

2. May meeting to be at George's in Rice

New Business:

1. Send your info on surplus hop availability, flower or pellet, to Randy.

2. Big Brew day kind of decided to brew Barry's winning IPA receipe from.

3. Fired up Brewery in Colville scheduled to open in March sometime.

4. New member Jeremy. Dues paid. And NEW Wort Baby!

5. April meeting to be at "the Club House".

6. Post meeting class on post-boil wort stands and adavnced hopping techniques.

7. Meeting adjourned.

Meeting adjourned and Elections called:

ELECTIONS Results For 2018:
President: Nick J.
Vice President: Barry
Treasurer: Joel
Secretary: Jack
Bathroom Attendant: Jim P.
Sergeant at Arms: Jim I.
Hop Nazi: Randy
Sensitivity Counselor: Jerry
Minority Ombudsgirl: Crystal
Sparg Bastard: Craig
Wort Baby: Jeremy

DUES Collected for 2018:

Jim P.
Jim I.